Program objectives:
To develop and/or implement teacher training models and programs that incorporate Roma culture as a compulsory part of the curriculum; to roll out existing pedagogic models and programs that successfully help Roma children integrate in the majority community, to mitigate the educators’ bias to Roma children, and to make Roma students successful in an integrated educational program.

Program description:
Departments of teacher training institutions, professional teams, and individuals can apply to request support for writing, editing and/or translating manuals to develop and/or launch and/or implement teacher training programs and models that help manage Roma children’s problems at school and/or incorporate Roma culture as a compulsory part of the curriculum.

Preference is given to teacher training institutions that submit applications in collaboration with schools or with the involvement of students – especially Roma students – and that implement collaboration within and between institutions.

Teacher training institutions can also apply for support to cover the costs of organizing and implementing on-the-job training in institutions that rely on proven pedagogical methods to make Roma children more successful at school.