Program objectives:
To implement and roll out locally tested and proved or completely new pedagogic approaches and practices in the education of Roma children, which facilitate the integration of Roma children in the majority community, mitigate educators’ bias to Roma children, and help Roma students succeed in the integrated educational program – and thereby make Roma children more successful at school;

To support the development of a school maturity and IQ test that leverages the experiences and achievements of alternative and innovative education, and implements a multicultural approach in the testing practice.

Program description:
The nursery schools, elementary schools, high schools, dormitories, and Roma minority education institutions, foundations, professional teams, and individuals that attach special importance to the success of Roma children at school can apply for support once a year for their efforts to develop, implement and roll out programs to accomplish the above objectives.

Support for the development of school maturity and IQ tests that leverage the experiences of alternative and innovative education to implement a multicultural approach in the testing practice.

Since pre-school education is a key factor in school success, starting in 2000, the Board made support for nursery school programs that are in line with the above objectives a priority