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The Soros Foundation Network

The Soros Foundation network incorporates all the foundations, programs and institutes established by George Soros with the aim of creating and developing open societies across the world. His foundations currently operate in over 40 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the republics of the former Soviet Union and Central Eurasia, Haiti, Guatemala, the United States of America, and the southern states of Africa.

The network programs are run by the Open Society Institutes (OSI) of New York and of Budapest. The two organizations collaborate with the foundations in a number of areas including culture and arts, early childhood development, education, and health care programs.

Established by George Soros in 1991, the Central European University (CEU) is an international institution for postgraduate studies and research. The University operates on two campuses - in Budapest and Warsaw. Its goals are to provide training for students in the region, and to undertake research into the region's transition process. Playing a central role among Eastern European educational initiatives, the University offers postgraduate courses in various sciences, such as history, economics, political science, art history, international relations, sociology, and law.

In 1999 the Soros Foundation Network contributed some $500 million to support the implementation of open society goals.